About Us

Zarrin is a beacon of innovation, dedicated to curating distinct experiences for our customers, while adhering to environmentally friendly processes and sustainable practices.

Our history at Zarrin is entwined with the modern history of the cellulose industry in Iran. Having been active in the national supply of the raw materials needed for tissue production since the year 2000 with Zarrin Barg Persia, we realised that we could produce a better quality of product for our people in the Iranian market. Zarrin was established in 2020 to do just that.

Since then, we resolved to put our considerable experience in sourcing and producing raw cellulose materials towards manufacturing the high-quality products that our fellow citizens deserved. To this end, we initiated in-depth research, benchmarking ourselves against the most modern, up-to-date, and high-quality manufacturing processes from across the entire globe. We analysed new technologies, investigated global standards, amassed hundreds of samples of products from across the world, assembled a team of young, dedicated, and compassionate specialists, and invested towards producing high-quality products that would match, and even out-shine, the quality of the finest products in the world, suitable for Iranian homes in today’s modern society.

However, this was not the end of our work… it was only the beginning.

Throughout our early years of B2B activity in the Iranian cellulose industry with Zarrin Barg Persia, we understood that the methods used for local tissue production in Iran needed to become more environmentally friendly. With a focus on following the highest and strictest global environmental standards which would benefit Iran’s vast natural ecosystem, and working to create positive knowledge transfer and job creation by localizing the production of high-quality tissue products, Zarrin innovated novel methods of production in the Iranian market with the assistance of young Iranian experts and extensive investment.

It is through these world-class innovations and investments in tissue production that we at Zarrin have been able to minimize our environmental impact, for example, through sustainable and effective use of water. In this manner, we managed to fulfil our commitment of manufacturing high-quality products for Iranian families, as well as cementing our commitment to environmental sustainability in Iran.

Creating a positive and healthy future for our youth and our generations to come is another of our commitments here at Zarrin. With offices in Tehran and our 32-hectare factory in Saveh, Iran, we are proud to offer a dynamic and safe working environment for our +500 passionate staff, with the most up-to-date devices, technologies, and laboratories.

The high-quality products from Zarrin that are used by millions of people in their homes on a daily basis are the result of several generations of experience and the non-negotiable commitments of a group that is devoted to protecting and advancing the health and hygiene of people everywhere.

At Zarrin, we aim for a bright and golden future, where all of us can benefit from high quality and diverse hygienic products.


Zarrin aims to be a premier provider of high-quality hygiene tissue pulp, prioritizing customers, innovation, and manufacturing excellence to meet market demands.


Zarrin's vision is to lead the hygiene tissue pulp industry through customer satisfaction, innovation, and manufacturing excellence, setting new standards and shaping the future.


Zarrin firmly believes in the power of continuous improvement and a sustainable future, driving their unwavering commitment to excellence.

About Factory

A Benchmark in Global Technology

The Zarrin factory stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology in the global manufacturing landscape. By harnessing the power of the latest innovations, we are able to produce and deliver tissues of unmatched quality to our discerning clientele. Our commitment to advanced technology underpins our aspiration to continuously raise the bar in terms of the quality and sustainability of our products.

We at Full Time believe that all people deserve to have health products and services to enjoy their health and vitality in every moment of their lives. Therefore, relying on the thoughts of managers, the knowledge of specialists and modern equipment, we are trying to offer you the highest quality health services. The softness and softness of Full Time brand products will give you a new experience of using cellulose fibers. Unique quality and affordable price are two principles that we will never violate. Each and every one of us at Full Time brand uses all our knowledge and strength to stick to this commitment and be by your side full time.

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Qlean is a brand for all tastes and personalities. We think of all of you in the production of Qlean products to give you what each one of you deserves. The story of Qlean is the story of a brand that is designed with the innovative thinking of Iranian managers, created by the skilled hands of the capable people of our country, and drawn with modern equipment. With Qlean products, you will experience unparalleled softness and softness. Stylish packaging with various colors, lint-free and hypoallergenic fibers and high water absorption is what everyone expects from a high-quality tissue. Double your quality of life with Qlean!

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